Site Development
Part of creating an extraordinary and lasting experience for our customers is to use the information you provide to help us better understand what you want from our site. To make improvements to our site, we may gather technical and demographic information that helps show how customers use the site. For example, we might do research to determine which areas are accessed most frequently.

Looking at Customer Trends: We compile information from thousands of customer visits and analyze it as a whole. This kind of study focuses on identifying trends among many visitors to our site rather than analyzing information about any individual customer.

Online Surveys
We use the feedback that you share with us in our surveys to develop a better site. We do not obtain personal information unless you choose to provide such information. Brooks Montessori School does not sell this information to any outside organization. Brooks Montessori School may share this information with outside research firms to help compile and analyze the results.

Customizing your visit
We may use information from your visit to help improve your next visit to our site. The goal is to provide you with what you want as quickly and easily as possible.

We use an application called a "cookie" to improve your shopping experience. A cookie is an element of data that allows us to recognize you and provide information you need to make it easier to use our site.

We use temporary session cookies on all of our secure pages to assign and store a session ID to you so that you can move uninterrupted between the areas of our site. This session ID is also used for internal reporting purposes. It is not personally identifiable to you, and this type of cookie does not leave any retrievable information on your hard drive.

You can always set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, allowing you to decide whether or not to accept it. At no time can the cookie read any information from your hard drive, and you can remove it from your machine at any time.

If you are concerned about having cookies on your computer, follow the directions below to receive a prompt whenever a cookie is sent to your computer.

Microsoft® Internet Explorer and America Online® users
Choose "Start" on your desktop taskbar, then "Settings" and "Control Panel." Double-click on the "Internet Options" (or "Internet") icon, select the "Security" tab and then click on the "Custom Level" button. Then scroll down to "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and choose the "Prompt" option. Then click on the "Ok" button twice.

Netscape® Navigator users
Choose "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu and select "Advanced" from the list of categories, and "Warn me before accepting a cookie" within the "Cookies" section.

Email sent to us
Email communications sent to Brooks Montessori School help us support customer relationships. The information you provide allows us to fully answer your questions. This information may also be shared with outside companies for research and analysis.

Email sent to you
After registering for downloads you will receive an email confirmation. You will receive these emails only if you have provided your email address during the registration process which is necessary.