From Director’s Desk

Brooks Montessori School, BMS philosophy is largely based on a program that offers young children a unique self discovery and development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding.

At BMS, the children are provided with opportunities that will challenge them as they develop from one stage of maturation to another. Our program is tailored towards providing children with a large variety of educational and social activities that will allow for optimal growth in all areas of development.

In order to enhance this nurturing, we have provided a welcoming, comfortable and prepared environment with child sized materials specifically structured to meet the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and personal needs of each child.

We welcome parents to join our program and share personal interests and experiences, including hobbies, vocations, talents, cultural backgrounds, or volunteer in classroom work, excursions and other school activities that facilitate the total development of each child. 

Parents are also encouraged to attend “Open Day” or other school organized conferences where we can mutually decide on program goals for their child. These conferences will be an information sharing session and they provide the required platform to discuss concerns about progress or challenges that the child might be experiencing.

We solicit regular feedback from you on your observation or perception of your child’s academic strengths and areas requiring improvement, so that we can work together to ensure that the educational program design is adjusted or individualized and delivery appropriately paced to meet the full needs of the child. For nursery classes, information such as change in sleeping or eating habits, or bowel movement, or teething will be helpful in meeting the dietary and health needs of your child.

Parents should use this centre as a resource.  Our staff members are trained professionals in the area of child development and can provide families with invaluable information about their children.

We hope you will find the information contained herein, beneficial, informative and helpful in making your decision about the choice of school for your child or ward.

Sincerely Yours,

Olaide Adisa (Mrs.)